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OTICS USA, Inc. is the first Japanese transplant company in the United States for the OTICS Corporation. We are strategically located in Morristown, TN at the geographic center of most of our customers. Currently our plant resides on approximately 24 acres with over 255,150 square feet for the facility. Since our foundation in July 2001, we have expanded our facility twice with additional future expansions expected.

OTICS USA, Inc. manufactures automobile parts for a major automotive corporation. We strive to produce exceptional products that meet the strictest of standards. We empower our employees and enable them to obtain the highest degree of quality, accuracy, and reliability. Our commitment to continuous improvement with our products, processes, and employee development ensures satisfaction with our customers and employees. Through these efforts, we hope to build and maintain a strong reputation within the automotive industry.

OTICS USA has two initiatives that we adhere to, which are The OTICS Way and our Production Policy.


1. For the Customer
2. Employee Development

  • Go and See (Genchi Genbutsu)

  • Team Effort

  • Kaizen Mindset

Production Policy:

  • Safety is Top Priority

  • Quality is our Lifeline

  • Productivity is Best

  • Delivery is On-Time